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  • Saying Goodbye to the Horse You Love
    When you truly love someone, it isn’t just about holding on. It is also about letting go. This Valentine’s Day remember those who are no longer part of your life, as well as those who now fill it. Be thankful for the time you’ve had with every human, horse, dog, cat, or other being that […]
  • The Myth of Equine Hierarchy?
    Dare we ask whether the concept of equine hierarchy is indeed the primary means of understanding horses and the foundation upon which all training should be built? In their new book EQUUS LOST? Francesco De Giorgio and Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl question the role of hierarchy within equine herds and suggest that our dependence upon perceived […]
  • Cover Girl Lori Northrup: Riding a Gaited Horse with a Dressage Master
    Sometimes we need to seek out the perfect cover image for one of our new books or DVDs. Usually, we have a general sense of what we’re looking for: a specific discipline, a particular movement, or maybe a certain moment that shows a compelling connection between horse and human. In the fall of 2016 we […]
  • Sit on Your Hands to Ride Better
    We all want to communicate with our horses in ways they can understand. When riding, that communication is dependent on our aids. What we might not realize is just knowing what the aids are and in what order to apply them isn’t enough to “speak” clearly to your horse. It is important sit centered, straight, […]
  • Half-Halts Everyone Can Understand (No, Really)
    No one can give us the skinny on how to do an honest-to-goodness half-halt like motivational speaker and dressage rider Jane Savoie. She gets that this integral part of, well, basically EVERY riding activity, can be difficult to understand and tough to put into practice in a way that it actually (really and truly) works. […]
  • Mark Rashid on Overflexion
    “A common problem with lateral flexion is that even when done correctly…it is simply practiced too much,” writes renowned horseman Mark Rashid in his new book FINDING THE MISSED PATH: THE ART OF RESTARTING HORSES. “Now I realize there are folks that teach who say that lateral flexion can never be done too much. Others […]
  • The Best Horse Books and DVDs of 2016
    Every year as we turn the page on one year and look forward to the next, we glance back through the months prior and the books and DVDs we published. It is always rewarding to review the results of our work and to know that hopefully, there are a few happier, healthier horses out there. […]
  • If Santa Drove a Team of Horses…
      If Santa drove a team of horses, he’d need them completely spook-free. He’d give them a course called Bombproof Your Horse to make them as brave as can be.   If Santa drove a team of horses, they’d have to be ready and willing. Over, Under, and Through with the moon full or new (and […]
  • 9 Tips for Better Flexion and Bend from Uta Gräf
    German Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Uta Gräf has made a name for herself in international dressage circles, not only for her cheerful nature and wild hair, but also for her beautifully ridden, content, satisfied horses. Now Gräf lets us in on all her training secrets in her new book UTA GRÄF’S EFFORTLESS DRESSAGE […]
  • Like Winning the Lottery: Meet the Rider George Morris Says Has “Perfect” Position
    In November, things changed for Kelsey Horn of Corvallis, Oregon. That’s when THE George Morris called The Chronicle of the Horse to wax ecstatic over a photo of Kelsey that appeared in the October 24 & 31 issue of the magazine. “It’s a picture of perfect form,” he said. (You can read everything George Morris […]

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