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Equine Energy Healer Ginger Krantz to Speak at Upcoming Animal Wellness Conference

Ginger Krantz of Earth Horse Healing will be one of the featured speakers at The Conference on Complementary Animal Healing, to be held at The Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA on November 11-12, 2012.  The inaugural two-day event is sponsored by Animal Translations; dogs are welcome.

In her New Jersey-based equine therapy practice, Ginger Krantz uses gentle, non-invasive energy healing techniques to speed horses’ recovery from illness, disease, and surgery.  With 22 years of training and experience, Ginger is also able to ease stress-related disorders and resolve behavioral problems by freeing blocked energy within a horse’s body and enabling it to flow, opening the channels for recovery and release.

Ms. Krantz’s presentation, to be delivered at the Conference on Monday morning, November 12, is entitled, “Healing the Horse through the Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit.”

In addition to Ginger Krantz, The Conference on Complementary Animal Healing will feature Denise Bean-Raymond, author of The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Healing for Horses; noted animal Reiki educator Kathleen Prasad, co-author of Animal Reiki; Shirley Moore, founder of Save A Dog Humane Society ; Nan Martin, an expert in the use of therapeutic essential oils with animals; Dr. Randy Caviness of the Integrative Animal Health Center; and Sally Morgan, a canine and equine physical therapist..

Conference participants may register for one day ($159) or both days ($298).  For more information, visit AnimalHealingConference.com.

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